Основы бокса. Работа на лапах.

Отработка ударов на лапах является одной из самых важных частей тренировки бойца ударного стиля. В видеоуроке представлена стандартная боксерская отработка ударов на лапах.

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  1. Kenisha говорит:

    Oh, speaking of &q&rs;doivertuquot;, I recall a story about General Marshall calling Ike to attention on his carpet, and telling him that if Ike left Mamie for Kay Summersby, that he, George Catlett Marshall, would do everything he could to hound Dwight out of the service in disgrace.Of course Marshall was a VMI guy, and thus obviously superior in honor, integrity, and all other manly virtues to those effete Pointers. :-^

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